Acupuncture: Sterile, one-use needles are inserted into the skin at specific points on the body.
Moxibustion: An herb, moxa, also known as mugwort, or artemisia vulgaris, is burned on or near the skin for a warming effect.
Cupping: Cups are placed on areas of the body using suction to increase blood flow and release adhesions.
Gua Sha: Also known as scraping, an ancient healing technique similar to massage, known to have anti-inflammatory and immune boosting effects.


Initial Appointment (1hr 30): We’ll discuss your current issues, health and social history, and you’ll tell me your story. This provides the baseline for your future treatments and gives me a good idea of where to begin – where your struggles are in the larger context of your life. You will receive your first needle treatment at this appointment. $100
Follow-up visit (1hr): A shorter check-in discussion followed by treatment with one or more of the above mentioned therapeutic techniques. $75